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CupHub (Top 30)

CupHub (Top 30)
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Sanne Grommers
Aart Rozendaal
Sophie Haccou
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CupHub (Top 30)


We strive to make a positive impact on the global menstrual health with our flagship product Casey, a reliable on-the-go menstrual cup cleaner.

The challenge

Throughout your menstruating life, disposable menstrual products create up to 90,000 kg of waste per person and amount to a total cost of €6000, with 1 out of 10 menstruators in the Netherlands unable to afford them. Additionally, they affect vaginal health by absorbing good bacteria. The reusable menstrual cup is a cost-effective and sustainable solution to these issues, producing only 30 grams of waste, costing €10 and lowering the risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome. Therefore, the menstrual cup is particularly valuable in emerging economies with limited access to single-use menstrual products, lower incomes and poor sanitation. Yet, in Western countries, the awkward process of rinsing and sterilising the cup is the biggest reason menstruators stick to single-use menstrual products.

The solution

Casey is a reliable on-the-go menstrual cup cleaner and storage container to discreetly clean your menstrual cup anywhere, anytime. It removes awkward hassle in public restrooms and the dependency on a sink in the toilet stall. Casey empowers menstruators by ensuring that users experience worry-free and more sustainable menstruation, enabling them to seize all opportunities life presents. Casey is BPA-free, skin-safe, and microwave-proof, facilitating easy sterilisation before and after each menstrual cycle. Casey is lightweight and one-size-fits-all, easy to distribute, requires very little water, and consumes no energy. This makes it perfect for menstruators in emerging economies, which is a growing market.

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