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ViaVR (Top 30)

ViaVR (Top 30)
Team info
Mark Ketting
Chris van der Hoorn
Alexander Duijnisveld
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We are looking for new team members with the following skills

- Coding (preferably in C#, Unity or Unreal Engine) - Experience in programming within a larger team - Knowledge of business economics - Knowledge in setting up and validating a business plan

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ViaVR (Top 30)


Providing cost-effective, environmentally friendly and highly educational virtual driving lessons for everyone.

The challenge

In the past year, 300,000 people obtained driving licenses in The Netherlands, spending an average of €2,300 on lessons. Many people perceive this as expensive. Also, there is much improvement to be made in driving lessons. Both educationally, through training of specific scenarios, and environmentally, by reducing car usage.

The solution

We propose Virtual Reality (VR) driving lessons. By swapping out expensive instructors with virtual guides, and costly cars with affordable VR setups, we address the high cost of traditional lessons. Through implementing user-specific training, we aim to increase learning speed of students. Additionally, virtual driving lessons emit less greenhouse gasses.

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