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Saiteja Ravi
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Unlock Your Coding Potential with CodeYoda Ditch the dry drills and repetitive tutorials. Let our AI mentor guide you through personalized coding challenges, helping you learn faster and build confidence.

The challenge

The spark for CodeYoda wasn't born in a lab, but in the quiet frustration of endless, soul-crushing practice problems and the isolating fear of coding interviews. We, like many of you, craved a coding journey that felt exhilarating, personalized, and supportive. Not just a platform, but a companion for the trenches of learning. That's when CodeYoda was born. Fuelled by our deep passion for coding and a fierce commitment to revolutionizing education, we crafted an AI mentor who's not just a teacher, but a cheerleader, a guide, and a real-time strategist. One who throws you real-world coding challenges, molds them to fit your unique strengths and weaknesses, and provides encouraging feedback that turns every stumble into a stepping stone.

The solution

CodeYoda, your personalized AI Interview Coach who transforms DSA prep from a lonely battle into an engaging, productive journey. Forget boring practice problems and intimidating mock interviews. CodeYoda throws you real-world coding challenges just like the ones you'll face in your interview, but with your own patient, encouraging AI coach always by your side.

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