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FindItOut (Top 30)

FindItOut (Top 30)
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Duco Lindhout
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FindItOut (Top 30)


Empowering operators with intelligent systems to revolutionize manufacturing processes through a novel blend of human expertise and smart technology

The challenge

Experienced operators in for example manufacturing plants possess valuable knowledge on processes. What if we could leverage this tacit information, which is normally difficult or even impossible to reach, to speed up on-boarding, improve processes and make them more efficient, resulting in reduced waste material and improved product quality?

The solution

With the recent increase in the need for smarter manufacturing processes, known as Industry 4.0, the market for process optimization has expanded significantly. Most market solutions use smart AI systems to analyze processes based on parameters such as temperature, pressure, or system events, at FindItOut, we believe that the operators are still the cornerstone of complex processes. Our novel method captures tacit knowledge, allowing us to place the operator at the center of process optimization. By leveraging their expertise alongside quantitative process data, we offer a unique and improved approach.

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