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The Car Story

The Car Story
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Sayak Mukherjee
Sayak Mukherjee
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The Car Story


We are on a mission to transform the automotive industry. Through our blockchain-based platform, we ensure transparent vehicle histories, empower buyers with reliable information, and reduce carbon footprints by promoting the extended use of automobiles.

The challenge

The current automotive industry lacks transparency and trust in the resale market, leading to unnecessary waste and a substantial carbon footprint due to the continuous production of new vehicles. Buyers struggle to find reliable information about a used car's history, and repair shops lack incentives to maintain accurate records of their work.

The solution

Introducing a blockchain-based platform that seamlessly logs and verifies all vehicle maintenance and repair activities, ensuring an indisputable record of a car's history. This innovative solution not only empowers buyers to make informed decisions about used cars but also incentivizes repair shops to join the platform, promoting transparency and sustainability by extending the lifespan of vehicles and reducing the environmental impact associated with manufacturing new cars.

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