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SaferEats (Top 30)

SaferEats (Top 30)
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Misha Schweitzer
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SaferEats (Top 30)


Discover culinary freedom with our app, which effortlessly translates restaurant menus into your language and filters options based on your dietary restrictions, ensuring a safe and enjoyable dining experience anywhere in the world

The challenge

Eating out can become a significant challenge for those with dietary restrictions, particularly when traveling abroad. The primary issue lies in the unfamiliarity with local cuisine and ingredients, which may inadvertently include allergens or restricted items. Language barriers further complicate the situation, making it difficult to communicate specific dietary needs to restaurant staff. Additionally, different countries have varying levels of awareness and accommodation for dietary restrictions, ranging from gluten intolerance to severe allergies.

The solution

The proposed solution to the challenges faced by individuals with dietary restrictions while traveling is an innovative app that automatically translates restaurant menus into various languages and provides allergy-filtering options. This app utilizes advanced technology to scan and translate menu items, offering users a clear understanding of the dishes available, regardless of the language barrier. Moreover, it includes a feature where users can input their specific dietary needs, such as allergies or intolerances, and the app filters the menu to highlight safe options.

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