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Swan AI

Swan AI
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Sultan Abdul Kader Syed Mohamed
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Affinity or experience with Journalism; Experience with language-based AI models;

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Swan AI


To prevent misinformation and manipulation in the media and to make the public more aware.

The challenge

The major challenge in contemporary journalism lies in the intense competition among news outlets vying for customer engagement. This has led to a prioritization of profits and speed over accuracy, with outlets rushing to be the first to break news stories. As a result, the verification of sources becomes a daunting task, raising concerns about the potential misrepresentation of quotes from politicians and the dissemination of information taken out of context, ultimately jeopardizing the integrity of news reporting.

The solution

The solution involves leveraging artificial intelligence to enhance news verification processes. When news is submitted to AI, it systematically analyzes the context, particularly focusing on temporal, and personal references. It then cross-references information with official and reliable sources such as government records. The AI ensures multiple perspectives by consulting diverse sources and verifying the context of the news before publication on the website. Additionally, the system provides transparency by including the actual links to the articles, allowing users to access the original sources and verify the context independently. In cases involving statistical or scientific information, the AI rigorously fact-checks to present accurate data, empowering the public to make informed judgments rather than relying blindly on the news.

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