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WilBuild (Top 30)

WilBuild (Top 30)
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Allegra Melli
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WilBuild (Top 30)


Green beyond plants, a nature-inspired technology for nature positive buildings through humidity harvest.

The challenge

Building developers and companies have the urge to come up with cost-effective and easy-implementation and maintenance ways of reducing their building’s environmental impact. Due to the many restrictions on buildings and the numerous standards architects have to respect, this solution has to accommodate for flexibility in the design. Many sustainable infrastructure alternatives are time-intensive and resource consuming. Offices embody the implicit working culture of a business, hence the necessity to ensure a building reflects to the company’s aims.

The solution

WilBuild aligns architectural structures with a company’s sustainable mission by offering WilNet, a flexible mesh for water capture. The net, made of recycled polyethylene, has a unique composition and mesh structure that allows condensation of water from humidity and fog into droplets, as well as higher water retention from rain. WilNet is integrated with a smart water reservoir system which allows for measurements of the water collection from the environment and the water consumption of the office, converted into financial savings for an easy overview for office managers

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