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Exertise (Top 30)

Exertise (Top 30)
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Tim Bouwmeester
Florian Schimmel
Lukas Bannink
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Exertise (Top 30)


Our mission is to make the best exercise based physiotherapy tool there is.

The challenge

In the physiotherapy realm, a notable concern arises from the observation that 75% of patients fail to adhere to their prescribed home exercises. This non-compliance not only prolongs recovery times but also exerts significant strain on the physiotherapy sector. Compounding this issue is the government's initiative to transition 50% of healthcare services to home environments by 2030. Consequently, patients face increased responsibility for their rehabilitation, with a heightened need for adherence to often monotonous home exercise regimens, amplifying the challenges inherent in achieving optimal outcomes.

The solution

Exertise is a Wearable sensor with an app that makes physiotherapy at home more fun and engaging. Exertise reminds you of the exercises you have to do at home, gamifies the whole proces and gives you insight in how you are progressing

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