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Studio Catch Horticulture Solutions (Top 30)

Studio Catch Horticulture Solutions (Top 30)
Team info
Benjamin Aartsen
Laura Drost
Sarith Wienke
Naomi Lolling
Kimberley van Kampen
Floris Verdoes
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Studio Catch Horticulture Solutions (Top 30)


StudioCatch HS develops sustainable and futureproof products for the horticulture sector together with greenhouse owners.

The challenge

The horticulture sector is getting increasingly restricted by pesticide laws, therefore limiting the resources against destructive pests such as slugs. Slugs can cause up to €100.000 euros of damages in greenhouses and there is not a suitable alternative to pesticides.

The solution

We have developed a slug trap that catches the animals in high quantities without pesticides. The bait used is completely organic and can stay in greenhouses for a long time. This is our first solution in a line of sustainable pest control.

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